A tribute to the life
and legacy of

A. E. Clarkson

Building of Character

Building of Character Clean Heart and Clean Speech Arranged by the Port Lincoln Man and Boy Club — an interdenominational movement which sprang into being as a result of the man and boy banquet held last May, on the night following Mother’s Day — a banquet was held in the Cheddington Hall on Monday evening. […]

Peace In Industry

Peace In Industry – Bridging No Man’s Land Appeal by Mr. A. E. Clarkson In a recent address to members of Rotary Club of Adelaide Mr. A. E. Clarkson (retiring president) touched on the existing industrial situation.Asked to-day to expand his ideas on this subject, he said: –“Rotary has taken on a serious task. It […]

Fewer Parliaments and Politicians

Fewer Parliaments and Politicians “The people are losing confidence in Parliaments and political organisations,” said Mr. A. E. Clarkson in an address to members of the Rotary Club.“When Federation took place we were promised that the establishment of a Federation Parliament would reduce the number and cost of State Parliaments. Yet, in spite of the […]

Business and Politics

Business and Politics Mr. A. E. Clarkson (ex-President of the Chamber of Commerce}, in an address to the Liberal Men’s Educational Association, on the question of ‘Business and politics’ last week, pointed out the apparent reluctance on the part of many business’ men to enter politics, although they were vitally affected by legislation, with restrictions […]


A Business man’s testimony ‘Ye shall be my witnesses’ By A. E. Clarkson. Often I have been urged to give publicity to my Christian experience and have been assured that its publication would be a source of helpfulness to many. I have hesitated to make a public matter of a personal experience, but now I send it forth in sincere humility, […]