A tribute to the life
and legacy of

A. E. Clarkson

Eddison said of himself, 2%  is genius and 98% is perspiration. Be thorough, I have had the delight to visit great cathedrals. Look up carefully and you will notice ornate work missed by the casual observer but built by skilled men who had an eye for the future. The unseen architect of the Universe has detail.

So, learn to work thoroughly. Mothers ask me for advice for their sons: Learn a trade, craft or profession, don’t become a casual. One of the greatest problems for a businessman today is the ill-trained ill-equipped youth who dodges from one job to another and knows none thoroughly. Don’t believe in luck it is the lazy man’s excuse, one hears a man say he never had a chance. Don’t you believe it! If chances had been snakes many of us would have been bitten. Some boys watch the clock too closely instead of watching their work. The boy who says knock off time is the happiest time never gets very far.