A tribute to the life
and legacy of

A. E. Clarkson

Raising sons

Parents come to me asking for tips and advice on raising their sons. Often, I find they are more anxious that their boy should get on in life than that he should master the art of living. That he should shine in society than that he should serve it. That he should join some select […]

Commerce and justice

Wealth easily abuses its privileges.  Property rights easily prevail over human rights.  Christ had few kind words about wealth. Parable of talents is not about possessions but trustees which is stewardship. Rewards were equal though results were different.

Private property and enterprise

The enterprise which can produce the best article at the price of its inferior competitor is bound to secure business. The settlement of the old feud between capital and labor is vital to the full prosperity and employment we all need. This warfare not only injures both parties but the community is the greater sufferer. […]


Free enterprise is a wonderful system for the production of wealth and for the multiplication and cheapening of commodities. it has brought railways, telegraphs and telephones, iron and steel products, bridges, books, amusements, motor cars, ships, cables. It has brought nations and continents together with daily newspapers and the worlds food to your tables. During […]


Communism carries this socialist idea to its logical conclusion, abolishes private property and ownership altogether and makes every citizen a worker under the direction of the State and sharing equally in the products of the communal life. Communism fails because: One, All are not willing and so force must be used. Two, it causes a […]

Message to boys

Eddison said of himself, 2%  is genius and 98% is perspiration. Be thorough, I have had the delight to visit great cathedrals. Look up carefully and you will notice ornate work missed by the casual observer but built by skilled men who had an eye for the future. The unseen architect of the Universe has […]


They understand the implication of Free-trade and Protection. They know that efficiency is vital to prosperity, that adequate schooling, management, distribution, and organization are important. They value vision which foresees. They knew that the effect of political instability is being enormously aggravated by economic uncertainty. Yes we want an ever increasing standard of living for […]

Labor and Unions

I am a believer in unionism. It is the only way Labor can make its ideas articulate and command respect for its demands. I believe in unionism because I came from a working man’s home and have an intimate acquaintance with the problems of the workers. But class warfare is hell and I hate it […]


An Employer’s power is enormous and ought to have risen in nobility by refusing to abuse power and privilege.

Trade Unionism

Trade Unionism in its early history was a hard struggle against great odds. But howling against capitalism will not bring in a millennium.